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March 20 2018

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fly me to the moon – detail*2
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fly me to the moon – detail*4
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fly me to the moon – detail*3
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fly me to the moon – detail*1

September 17 2017

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Fokus / Weibration ca 14x14cm, ››› Set mit Ausmalbildern zum Colorieren ‹‹‹
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September 06 2017

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Update Morgen / Frauholleland – ca 14x14 cm
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September 01 2017

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Morgen / Frauholleland – ca 14x14 cm
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August 08 2017

July 31 2017

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Rotkappi / Frauholleland – ca 10x10 cm
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June 15 2017

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Cuterus … inspired by a drawing I once saw on @souping years ago and came back into my mind at MHDay 2017. I was asked to do some expression and if enough people come together that want to buy this as a sticker postcard, I'll produce and offer them at the Please comment on this post if you want these stickers in the world and would buy one. :) Thanks
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March 10 2017

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14. September 2015
September: Scheiding, Herbstmond
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3. August 2015
alte Wohnstätte…
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3. August 2015
mein Flugpuma bahnt sich seinen Weg – die Zeichnung lag schon langelange, aber es musste erst noch n bissl Bewegung in manches, bevor ich mich wieder drangesetzt hab.
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June 13 2015

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Totem 2 – fun mit Unfug
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June 10 2015

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Totem 1 – fun with Unfug
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August 16 2014

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blaue Stunde, 2011/2014
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July 12 2014

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Die italienischen Free-Jazz-Hippies von Jookloo beehren uns im Schrebergarten zwischen wucherndem Zucchini, süßen Himbeeren und wilden Blumen. Wir freuen uns auf viele Gäste.

November 12 2013

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Fingerübung Illustrator
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Fingerübung Photoshop
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