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September 06 2014

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Trip Peklo, Aug14
Canyon caves, moistly silence and menses, gerridae and lentilsoup – thx to water and time.
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Trip Prague, Aug14
Castle, wall and window ornaments, the watch and the solemn vigil - thx to the guy on the stairs inspiring me to draw
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September 05 2014

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Trip Dresden, Aug14
View from hostel “Mondpalast”, Jazzconcert at the blue note with moscow mule, banners in the street– thx to Ellie and Annekatrin
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November 12 2013


Objet Trouvé

P1160383 P1160384 P1150796 P1150791 P1150787
Installationen mit Fundstücken im Herzen Transylvaniens. Wander-Trip: sehr nette Menschen und wunderschöne Landschaft da.
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